Citroen debuts DS3 Cabriolet in Paris

October 12th, 2012 by Raphael

Citroen-DS3-CabrioYou are cruising on the motorway with the top of the car down, when all of a sudden the heavens decide to give the city a shower. And now you look quite stupid.

Say goodbye to this kind of situations with the DS3 Cabrio from Citroen. Rolling out on the early part of 2013, just before winter strikes, the DS3 Cabrio will feature a soft roof that you can retract even when you are running at 75 miles an hour.

The roof of the car will come in styles like DS Monogram, black, and infinite blue that can be matched with seven body finishes. The rear light will also feature a 3D signature that matches the unique running lights in front. The tailgate is also pretty complicated to describe but Citroen describes it having a cool opening action.

The roof can be fully closed in a matter of 16 seconds while running on speeds of up to 75 mph or 120 km/h. The car manufacturer claims that the cabin is quiet when the roof is shut. The structure for the soft top adds around 25 kilos to the weight of the car. The additional weight is very minimal compared to the usual gain for a hatch to a convertible setup.

The Citroen DS3 Cabrio can accommodate five adults. It is the only one in its segment that has that capacity and it also has the biggest compartment for its class.

Inside the DS3 Cabrio, the designers used LEDs on the ceiling console for some ambient lighting and some white light for the instrument cluster. There are also new choices for the upholstery including Akinen weft and Granit leather in blue.

Citroen rolls out C-Elysee and C4 L sedans across the global market

July 10th, 2012 by Raphael

citroen-c4lCitroen is stepping up on their game to develop the brand across their markets worldwide. The brand rolls out to selected markets the Citroen C4 L and the C-Elysee while bring the DS line to China.

The DS is already in showrooms in Russia, Latin America, and Europe but it reaches out to interested consumers in China. The car manufacturer also bolsters their product offering with the C segment by launching the two new models to markets like Russia, China, and the Mediterranean.

The C range fans in the said emerging markets will get to enjoy the C4L and the C-Elysee. The market compact saloon is the biggest market segment in the automotive industry today with about twenty million registrations last year. This number is about a third of all car sales worldwide.


The Citroen C-Elysee features a very innovative design. It is perfect for families who will use it for their quick getaways during the weekend. The vehicle offers a good amount of luggage space and a very comfortable ride to boot.

The C-Elysee will support a Vti 72 powerplant that blends a good amount of power and fuel economy. The car also offers a number of provisions to ensure comfort, safety, and convenience.

C4 L

The Citroen C4 L is on the top of the offering line in the C segment of the brand. It exudes positive energy. The design of the vehicle centers on providing a comfortable ride combined with the sporty look of the vehicle. It will also use the latest engine technologies that have been developed by Citroen in collaboration with BMW. The engine variants are the vTi 135, THP 170 and THP 150. These engines will be linked to the six-speed automatic gearbox.

Citroen’s DS9 Concept Unraveled

April 23rd, 2012 by Raphael

Citroen-Metropolis-ConceptCitroen’s most anticipated DS9 concept was spotted without its disguise at the Place de la Concorde, Paris. This was way ahead of schedule as the concept car was not slated to be revealed before the Beijing Motor Show. This event is scheduled next month.

This new model was heavily inspired by the concept of the Metropolis shown during the Shanghai world expo back in 2010. This is a very important vehicle as it will bear the flag of Citroen’s new, and bigger, DS line up.

The DS9 is certainly a very important because it will also spearhead the internationalization of the brand. For the past few years, Citroen’s products have been concentrated on Asia, particularly in China. Earlier this year, the firm’s head Frederic Banzet announced that the company is planning to branch out. In line with these plans, Citroen is also plans to release more models from the DS3, DS4, and DS5. These are already being marketed in China but nowhere else in the world.

It must be noted, though, that the Beijing DS9 concept car is just that—a concept car. The models which will be marketed globally would have less dramatic wheels and a more subtle wing mirror. This is also planned to carry the DS6 name with a crafty DS9 badge on the rear numberplate. This should give Citroen enough room to make its visionary improvements in the years to come. The first DS9 is slated to come out by the end of 2013.

Aside from being inspired from the Metropolis design, spectators in Paris also noticed that the DS9 bears a close resemblance to the Peugeot HX1 Concept from the Frankfurt Show of last year. It’s possible that the DS9 would also sport HX1’a scissor doors but the production cost would be higher. If Citroen decides to cater to a higher-end clientele, this could be possible, but experts believe there’s only a small chance of this happening.

More possible is the six-seater adaptation which is also present in HX1’s design. Also, while the goal of the company is to go international, they probably won’t launch in the UK due to the low possibility of marketing success in that area.

Citroën cars are known in Europe for being very cheap to insurance. Low amounts of power help keep the car insurance payments down, and for city usage, isn't that a perfect thing?

Citroen C1 unveiled in Brussels, pricing start at £7995

January 16th, 2012 by Raphael

2012-Citroen-C1The 2012 Citroen C1 will have a tag price of £7995 when the refreshed edition rolls out to showrooms this April. The new C1 was unwrapped this week during the motor show in Brussels. The ride receives a subtle update but gives additional character to the Citroen city car.

According to the Citroen C1 product manager , the C1 was received the latest facelift to give it a fun character but at the same time distinguish it from the Peugeot 107 and the Toyota Aygo. The next upgrade for the Citroen C1 will be in 2014. The C1 brings in the biggest chunk of sales for the Citroen brand in the United Kingdom with more than 80,000 units delivered to consumers since its launch in 2005.

The 2012 Citroen C1 gives consumers more option for its body color and also upgrades standards like the LED day time lights and cloth trim. The ride also boasts of lower carbon dioxide emissions now at 99 grams per kilometer. The new C1 also gets an electronic transmission controlled by the driver using the paddles mounted near the steering wheel.

The C1 is considered by the carmaker as a more user friendly ride that can take the driver without fuzz thru the busy city streets. It will be rolled out with a 5-door and 3-door version. The car can comfortably bring 4 passengers to their destinations with a lot of room to spare in front and in the rear.

It will also come in three trims: VTR+, VTR, and VT. Expect the pricing for the 3-door VTR to hit £9000 and the VTR+ to be pegged at around £9500. The 5-door variant for these trims will cost £300 more.

Expect the C1 to be easy to handle on the tightest of streets with its turning circle of just 9.63m. Fuel consumption is also excellent at 4.3L for every 100 kilometers. Aside from the sleek exterior and interior elements, the Citroen C1 also comes with a host of safety features like airbags, ABS, ESP, brake force distribution, isofix anchor points, and emergency brake assist.

Citroen introduces C4 Aircross, due for Europe by mid-2012

October 21st, 2011 by Raphael

Citroen C4 AircrossFrench carmaker Citroen will be expanding its successful C4 lineup with the introduction of the C4 Aircross.

The new Citroen SUV C4 Aicross brings together modern design lines and use innovative vehicle technology. The body of the new C4 Aircross centers on giving the consumer a comfortable ride that is easy to handle yet has a grip comparable to off-roaders.

The Aircross will come in two versions as a two-wheel drive and a 4WD. The C4 Aircross will be rolling out to European showrooms by mid-2012. UK consumers can expect the new Citroen SUV by the second half of next year.

The designers of the C4 Aircross were able to combine the DNA of the vehicles of the brand to blend a hint of class at the same time put a tinge of ruggedness in this SUV offering. You will notice the distinct Citroen headlights, this time using LEDs and integrating it with the vertical vents. These vents plus the horizontal lines of the Aircross help in giving it a compact appearance.

The large wheel arches, accommodating 18-inch wheels, plus the rear lights of the Aircross are reworked versions of what we have seen with the concept car Hypnos. It is also evident that the Aircross designers have used the inverted shark’s fin that was also use for the Hypnos.

Citroen also made sure that they are still true to their commitment of producing low CO2 emitting vehicles by equipping the C4 Aircross with the HDi 110 powerplant coupled with six speed manual transmission. The Aircross will be among the best in terms of having low emission in the current Citroen range.

The Aircross measures 4.34×1.8×1.63 meters. Although it sounds to be so compact for an SUV, the Aircross is a very comfortable ride for five persons. The driver also gets a very clear vision as he sees the curved line of the hood while all occupants can enjoy a smooth ride experience that can be attributed to the chassis and suspension system of the Aircross.

Citroen will also be marketing petrol versions of the C4 Aircross coupled with a variable transmission or a five speed manual transmission outside of Europe to meet the demands of the international market.

Citroën Lacoste Concept Car Shown at C_42 Summer Season

August 18th, 2011 by Randell

The C_42 is Citroën’s year-round international showcase event that is held at the famous Champs-Elysées hotel in Paris, France. This year, in celebration of the French automaker’s C_42 summer season, the event, which is entitled “A World of Créative Technologie”, will feature brand new layout, décor, and exhibits about Citroën’s latest achievements and technology. This will run for about three full months greeting Citroën loyals at the Champs-Elysées.

Taking center stage at the event will be the two brand new models from the Citroën DS lineup. First is theDS4 model, which gained the titled of ‘The Most Beautiful Car of the Year’ during the 26th International Automobile Festival. Second is the DS3 Racing model that will surely captivate its audience because of its impressive combination of performance and style.

Moreover, the brand’s Hydractive Suspension that is shown in the C5 model demonstrates the brand’s efforts and achievements in the environmental aspect because of its all-electric C-Zero.

During the event, the most awaited Citroën Lacoste Concept car will finally be shown, featuring the fusion of futuristic design and the “back-to-basics” platform all combined in one revolutionary car with the French brand’s flair.

Apart from the car models on display, Citroën will also feature its revolutionary 4D cinematic experience at the Racing area. This features the ground-breaking 3D holographic features that allow the viewers to create and modify their own DS3 model. Moreover, the brand’s social network link called the Citroën Social Club will also be shown. Lastly, new merchandise products will be featured at the event.

Citroen announces pricing of the new DS4 in the United Kingdom

July 3rd, 2011 by Randell

The Citroen DS4 officially rolls out in Britain this July and the sticker price of the different trims of the high riding DS4 has been announced. The 5-door crossover will be marketed in three trims: Dsport, Dstyle, and Dsign. Consumers can also pick from 5 engines that are Euro 5 compliant. The Citroen DS4 will have a price range between £18,150 and just below £24,000.

The DS4 engine options will give buyers options to choose from two diesel HDi powerplants that can either produce 110 and 160 horsepower. Citroen will also be putting petrol engines developed with BMW. These 1.6L petrol engines can either produce 120 hp, 155 hp, and 200 hp.

The 110 horsepower diesel engine will also be offered as an e-HDi which makes use of the microhybrid technology of Citroen. The car makes use of a Stop-Start technology that adds around 15% to its fuel efficiency during city driving and also helps lower the emissions of carbon dioxide to just 114 grams per kilometer.

The 155 horsepower petrol engine and the e-HDI 110 horsepower are both paired with an Electronic Gearbox System that has six speed while the rest of the engines are coupled with manual transmissions.

The 200 horsepower turbocharged gasoline engine is the most powerful of the bunch and gives the DS4 the capability to reach 146 miles per hour. And speed off from 0 to 62 in a matter of 8.5 seonds. In terms of efficiency, this variant gets you 44.1 miles per gallon UK for a combined cycle.

The Citroen DS4 is being fitted against vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai, Scirocco, and the hatchback BMW 1 series.

Citroen releases Blackcherry special edition of C3 Picasso for the United Kingdom market

November 12th, 2010 by Randell

Citroen updates its lineup of C3 Picasso for its new model rollout in the UK market by adding the special edition BLACKCHERRY and by introducing the HDi 110 Euro 5 compliant diesel engine coupled with a six speed gearbox.

The Blackcherry C3 Picasso was based on the VTR+ with its power coming from a 1.6L turbo diesel powerplant that gives out 90 horsepower. The limited edition is the star of the crew with its elegant cherry red – black combo finish for the exterior and detailing of the interior, diamond-tipped wheels, and roofbars. Consumers can get the car only in the black metallic premium paintjob.

The car comes standard with cruise control, air conditioning, connecting box, power windows for the front, and electronically adjustable side mirrors. The sticker price starts at £15,195.

The minivan of the car manufacturer also gets an updated diesel engine with 1.6L displacement that is compliant with Euro 5 standards. This turbo powerplant is capable of generating 110 horsepower transferring everything to the wheels via the 6-speed transmission. The French car manufacturer gives the initial fuel economy figure of 59 mpg UK for the MPV with its carbon dioxide emission hitting 125grams per kilometre which is 5 g/km beyond the Euro 4 standard unit.

Citroen also equips the Exclusive and VTR+ models the Connecting Box which gives drivers connectivity via Bluetooth and USB.

The new C3 Picasso has hit dealerships in the UK last November 1.

2011 C4 from Citroen: Official photos, details, and video

June 5th, 2010 by Randell

Citroen recently released the official photos and some details about their new hatchback, the 2011 Citroen C4, that will debut in the Paris Motor Show later this year.

The 2011 C4 revealed on the web will be going on sale by next year. The Citroen C4 was redesigned to have a more aggressive set of headlights, new grille design, and more chrome elements. On the tail portion, we can expect a redesigned bumper, new tail lights, and spoiler mounted on the roof.

The interiors of the car gives focus on the restyled steering wheel, center stack, and use of metallic accents. The cluster of instruments for the driver can also be set with different options with a high tech system that gives the driver an idea of fuel consumption and driving habits. The vehicle also gives you about 408 liters of space for your cargo. Other options include a monitoring system for the blind spots of the vehicle, front seat with massager, and a sunroof.

Under the bonnet, consumers can expect the turbocharged gas engines and the HDi diesel versions. Citroen will also introduce a C4 Hybrid that will use an eHDi 1.6L diesel engine. The details about this variant of the C4 are very limited but the main features of the car will include a stop-start system and regenerative braking. The hybrid Citroen C4 will hit 109 g/km but this may drop to 99 g/km with the greener variants.

We can expect more details about the car when it officially launches in Paris. For now, enjoy the video.

Citroen reveals new 2011 DS lineup

August 3rd, 2009 by Raphael

Just like in every industry known to mankind, moving up amidst the tough competitors and keeping your place on top is a Herculean task not to be taken lightly. Citroen DS4 will feature styling derived from 2005 C-Sportlounge concept car That’s why carmakers continue to come up with concept cars that may or may not see the light of production. For French automaker, Citroen, it’s their legendary DS model in 2011. The concept cars give us a glimpse of future range vehicles.

The concept car DS Inside was first seen in March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show. This time around, DS stands for “Different Spirit” and the concept car is the start of a brand models to be aptly called DS3, DS4, and DS5. Take note that this hints us that there are bigger models in the Citroen drawing boards. The first of the DS models is the DS3 whose prototype has been spotted, photographed, and tested. The DS3 will make its debut appearance at the Motor Show in Frankfurt this coming September.

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